Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Flight to India

World Race update:

Amber's squad left Atlanta GA yesterday, and flew to JFK. After a short layover they boarded Air India for their 13 hour flight to New Dehli India. LONG flight!!!

I was doing "ok". Until I pulled up the flight aware app, and saw her plane leaving the 'safety' of the US and flying across the ocean. Tears of joy and pride, and sadness, and lonliness, and wonderment fell. And then I realized I was at work and had to get back to bagging candy.

Emergency Landing
I was laying in bed and as I was drifting off to sleep, my phone chimed that I had a message. AMBER!! What this was way to early, they don't land for another 4 hours, what happened? OH no, they crashed....she got sick..... so many thots flying around in my head. "Just check the message Debby!!"

They had an emergency stop in Oslo for a heart problem, (noone on her team)

The layover ended up being 5 more hours.They sat on the plane and extra 5 hours. 

They finally landed in New Dehli, but missed their connecting flight to Bangalore. SO.... they were put up in a gorgeous hotel for the night. Going from this to squattie potties. 
Tonight they fly from New Dehli to Bangalore.

How wonderful it is that God is in control. Even when things dont go our way, He is in control. and, even tho I feel in control I AM NOT!!

Here's Clarence the Elephant. Amber's best friend Maria gave her a miniature elephant to take with her on her journey. This is Clarence saying goodbye to Harold (Marias elephant)


  1. My dear, my heart breaks and than fills with awe and wonder and than breaks a bit more. I can't imagine yet a small part of me knows. I hope and pray and wish and care that everything works out and Amber has the time of her life sharing her love and the Lord. Blessings my dear friend. Text me or email me when you feel up to it. I am here for you.

  2. I'll be keeping her and her team in my prayers! (and you as you worry!)

  3. Have you heard anything new? I texted you but know that you're busy so thought I'd try this. Next is an email. :o)
    Blessings Deb!!!

  4. Oh goodness! I would have gone straight to panic mode too! I'm so glad she is good to go!


Words of encouragement always appreciated.