Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Counting down the days

Counting down the days until Amber leaves on her World Race.

When Amber left for college, we found Buddy. He traveled  with her everywhere she went. He went to Bible College.  Buddy went to Spain on Ambers cross cultural trip. He went with her to college to for her Bachelors. Buddy is fuzzy and a bit big to take on trip where ounces can count against you.
Buddy needed to stay home. (He was actually passed on to Branden, Ambers youngest brother)

Meet Clarence.
Ambers best friend has an elephant on her dashboard to go with her on her daily travels. She wanted Amber to have a 'friend' with her the next 11 months. Each post about Ambers race, I will include a picture of Clarence's adventures.

I also ordered a map of Asia off of Amazon.  I wanted to be able to visually see where she was sleeping, eating, missionarying, loving, working.

I ordered a poster of Amber from Walmart.
We will take this with us when we have special moments. It will go with us when Branden goes to college. At Thanksgiving she will have a place at the table. At Christmas she will enjoy pizza with us.

I wanted something visual to carry with me every day to remind me to pray for Amber. She made me a bracelet and an anklet. The bracelet was her choice of colors, her favorites.
The anklet symbolizes three special people. The orange (leukemia) is for a dear friend, purple (seizures) for Amber, black (melanoma) for my husband.

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